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Grand Meadows
Code : PKINC

Grand Meadows is one of our Favorite Products.  We have been feeding Grand Premium Plus since 2014 and am a huge believer in this product. It keeps all of the show horses feeling good and looking great as well as helping our younger horses stay healthy and grow. I also take the human supplement and can testify as to how good it works as well as we feed the dogs the dog formula. They also have many products that are stand alone that work fantastic. 

Use code PKINC at checkout to get your discount on any of the Grand Meadows products 


Legends Ranch Show Pads

These shirts are an absolute game changer! They currently are the most comfortable shirts on the market and are very reasonably priced compared to competitors. These shirts have a hidden zipper, which if you are like me is a must (I hate buttoning buttons).  They are classy and elegant but are completely practical for the showmen and everyday wear. 

I do most of my shopping through Schneider's and they have some of the best prices you can find. If you use the link above you will receive $15 off your first purchase of $100 and will continue to earn bonuses as you shop. 

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